SKYROCKET your profits

Do you want to SKYROCKET your profits by breaking down the barriers of communication?

Here’s the deal!

Do you want to create a competitive advantage that will break down communication barriers, unite you with more of your ideal clients, elevate your profile and skyrocket your bottom line?


In the UK currently there are 9 million people who are deaf. Many of them are looking for your service right now and are struggling with a way to communicate. The deaf community is tight. When a company’s staff learns to sign, the word spreads very quickly and they will be queuing up to work with you as you will have established trust by showing that you care.


The reputation you build will spread far beyond the deaf community and you will be recognised as a company that genuinely cares for its clients. Many companies such as disney,  have been in the press lately with tear jerking moments where the staff surpassed client expectations by signing with them. Here’s are some examples vodafone, Disney. On average, since they made the decision to break down the barriers of communication, their profit has risen by 63%.


My unique sign language coaching program has been devised for companies such as yours to help you to develop a special bond with more of your ideal clients and to draw them in to you like a magnet.

Total of people of all ages in the UK with deafness
Ranging from mild to profound 9 million

(1 in 7 of the population)

Hard of Hearing
Mild to Severe Deafness 8.3 million

(of which 6.5 million are over 60 years of age)

Those who became profoundly deaf suddenly or progressively 123,000

(approximately 11,000 are under 60 years of age)

Deaf BSL Users 50,000

Deafblind 24,000

Deaf Children (0-15 years) 23,000

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